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Fish Nugz Wreck Fishing Slow Jig Package

Fish Nugz Wreck Fishing Slow Jig Package

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Slow Jig Starter Pack for Wreck Fishing

Want to start slow jig fishing over deepwater wrecks, but you aren't sure which jigs to buy? The Wild Seas team has put together this great starter bundle of 5 jigs for fishing offshore wrecks, so that you can start catching more fish!

We have included a selection of our favourite jigs for wreck fishing in weights between 150g and 200g to suit fishing over wrecks in depths of 150 - 250ft, depending on the drift and tide conditions. These jigs can also be used on shallower wrecks in faster tidal conditions. All these slow jigs are proven fish catchers and when fished around and over wrecks. You can expect to catch Pollack, Cod, Ling, Coalfish, Bass and more! 

Our Wreck Fishing Jig Package includes:

  • 1 x Fish Nugz Wreck Rat - 150g - Bubblegum
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Wreck Rat - 200g - Pink Lipstick
  • 1 x Fish Nugz The OG - 150g - Nightmare
  • 1 x Fish Nugz The OG - 200g - Psycho
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Heavy Flow - 150g - Candy Flash

The compact Wreck Rat has a 'nose-heavy' design that gets down quickly in deepwater and works well when fished close to the wreckage for big Ling and Cod. The OG features one shimmer side and one glow side that really stands out in deep waters. It has an excellent fluttering action and will catch BIG Pollack and Coalfish that sit in midwater over a wreck, or send it down closer to the structure for a chance of Ling and Cod. The Heavy Flow jig has accounted for all sorts of species and tends to work well as the tide starts to pick up. 

Our jig packages offer great value for money and give a saving over buying the jigs separately. Grab a Fish Nugz Slow Jig Package and start catching more fish from wrecks!

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  • Wreck Depth Diagram - Slow Jigging

    Jigs for Wreck Fishing

    This package contains slow jigs that are great for fishing over wrecks in depths of 150-250ft.

  • A Pollack caught using the Fish Nugz Wreck Rat Slow Jig

    Wreck Rat Jig

    Sam slammed this lovely Pollack using the Fish Nugz Wreck Rat in Bubblegum colour whilst fishing over a wreck of the South coast of Cornwall.

  • Liam with a Pollack caught using the Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig in Candy Flash colour

    Big Wreck Pollack

    Liam landed this 11lb Pollack using the Heavy Flow 150g in Candy Flash when slow jigging over a wreck on 220ft of water.

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