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Fish Nugz Bass Fishing Jig Package

Fish Nugz Bass Fishing Jig Package

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Jig Starter Pack for for Bass Fishing

Start jig fishing for Bass with the Fish Nugz Bass Jig Bundle! The Wild Seas team have put together 7 of their favourite bass catching jigs, so that you can start jigging for Bass and landing those bars of silver! Catching bass on jigs is super fun and can be very productive, so it is always worth having some bass jigs in your tackle box.

The Bass Jig package includes a range of jigs to suit fishing on and around Inshore Reefs and over Sandbars and Banks where Bass may be hunting or resting, with a variety of weight lures included to suit fishing in both shallow and deeper waters. We have included a variety of jig styles including 3 x Slow Pitch Jigs, 3 x Hybrid Slow/Speed Jig and 1 x Casting Jig so that you can get a taste of how different styles work and allow you to fish in a range of conditions. All are proven Bass catching jigs and come supplied in classic Bass fishing colours!

Our Bass Fishing Jig Package includes:

  • 1 x Fish Nugz Heavy Flow - 80g - Sexy Sprat
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Heavy Flow - 100g - Sardine Queen
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Full Mast - 60g - Angry Anchovy
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Full Mast - 80g - Sardine Queen
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Full Mast - 100g - Mad Mack
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Clam Slammer - 80g - Sexy Sprat
  • 1 x Fish Nugz Boney Maloney - 40g - Sexy Sprat

The slim-profiled Full Mast Jig is a hybrid slow-speed jig that works well when your drift speed starts to pick up and in areas of faster tidal flow - often where Bass are hunting and feeding. The super slow falling Clam Slammer Slow Pitch Jig works great over slack water when your drift speed is slow - the high flutter on this jig will tempt the lazier fish to feed. The Heavy Flow Jig is a great all-round slow jig for a variety of conditions. The Boney Maloney Casting jig is perfect for casting away from the boat or kayak to catch Bass, especially in shallower waters.

Our jig packages offer great value for money and give a saving over buying the jigs separately. Grab a Fish Nugz Jig Package and start catching more fish from your boat or kayak!

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  • A bass caught using the Fish Nugz Clam Slammer Sexy Sprat jig

    Bass caught on a Slow Pitch Jig

    Kieren caught this lovely Bass whilst fishing the edge of a reef in 50ft of water. He used the Fish Nugz Clam Slammer Slow Jig in Sexy Sprat colour - included in this Bass Jigging package!

  • Sea Bass caught using the Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig

    Bass on the Heavy Flow Slow Jig

    The Fish Nugz Heavy Flow is a fantastic slow jig for all sorts of species, and the Bass can't resist them too! This chunk was taken at the back of a reef in 70ft of water.

  • Bass caught on the Fish Nugz Full Mast fishing jig

    Jigging for Bass

    This Bass fell to the Fish Nugz Full Mast. Sam fished this jig by twitching it with a short pitching action over the top of a reef in 60ft of water. This jig works well in areas of higher tidal flow for catching Bass.

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