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Fish Nugz Neptunes Split Rings

Fish Nugz Neptunes Split Rings

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Stainless split rings for jigs and lures - as used on our Fish Nugz jigs! Flattened stainless wire for extra strength and reliability. Perfect for attaching assist hooks to jigs, and for attaching treble or inline single hooks to hard lures. A range of sizes available to suit different fishing applications, from mini jigs to big lures. 

Supplied in packs of 10.

 Split Ring Size Nominal Diameter Strength Suggested Jig Application
Small 6mm 40lb / 18kg Jigs 20-40g
Medium 7mm 55lb / 25kg  Jigs 40-100g
Large 9mm 90lb / 41kg Jigs 100-200g
11mm 120lb / 54kg Jigs 200g+
Big Dog 12mm 160lb / 72kg Jigs 200g+
Monster Hauler 14mm 180lb / 81kg Jigs 300g+
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