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Fish Nugz NEPTUNES BEARD Kevlar Assist Cord

Fish Nugz NEPTUNES BEARD Kevlar Assist Cord

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A tough and durable braided kevlar assist cord - as used on our Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks. An inner core provides stiffness to the cord, reducing twists and kinks during use, yet remains fully flexible for hook ups and. The outer braided sheath offers durability for reliability fish after fish! 

Great for making up your own assist hooks or stinger hooks for large lures! Available in a range of weights and supplied in a 4m length. Blood Red colour for added jig attraction!

Size Guide

Weight Diameter Suggested Assist Hook Sizes  Application
100lb 0.6mm 8-4 Micro Assists
150lb 0.8mm 4-2 Mini Assists
200lb 1.0mm 1-1/0 Light Inshore Assists
250lb 1.2mm 1/0-2/0 Inshore Assists
300lb 1.4mm 2/0-3/0 Inshore & Offshore Assists
400lb 1.6mm 4/0+ Offshore Assists & Big Fish Stinger Hooks
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