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Speed Jig for BIG FISH!

The Fish Nugz Speed Whipz is a versatile speed jig that comes pre-rigged with strong hardware to suit fishing overseas for hard fighting fish. Work it fast like a speed jig, or slow it down with emphasised slack on the fall to make it flutter like a slow jig... or mix it up with a combination of the two. Particularly good for fishing tropical blue waters for big pelagic and reef fish such as Groupers, Snappers, Jacks, Trevallies and more! A popular speed jig for fishing in Madagascar, Papa New Guinea, Oman and other tropical destinations.

Equipped with a super strong Single Haulin' Assist Hook mounted onto a strong stainless solid ring and split ring, so you can lock into battle with beasts from the depths with confidence. These are heavy duty assists designed to handle big pelagic and reef fish when fishing abroad.

The lighter 150g and 200g size jigs also work well at home for UK species over wrecks, reefs and rough ground for big Ling, Pollack and Cod, or use the heavier 250g and 300g sizes for deep faster waters in Shetland and Norway. If you are planning to use the Speed Whipz in the UK, you may wish to rig with our Twin Haulin' Assists in the 4/0 size instead, as these are better suited to catching UK fish species.

Available in a range of enticing colours to catch the attention of any hungry predator. Glow Job and Sexy Sprat feature luminous paint for that added touch of attraction in deeper and dark waters. 

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  • Fish Nugz Shimmer Glow Speed Whipz Jigs for Fishing

    Shimmer & Glow

    Choose from a range of shimmering holographic finishes, or choose the luminous Sexy Sprat and Glow Job for deep water attraction. The holographic Sardine Queen and Pink Shiner also feature a lumi glow belly stripe.

  • Fish Nugz Speed Whipz Jig - Long Thin Profile Fishing Jig

    Long and Thin

    The thin blade-like design cuts through the water quickly and has an erratic zig zagging fall pattern that will tempt most actively feeding predators. A great design for speed jigging, but lighter sizes can be worked as a slow jig too.

  • Fish Nugz Single Haulin Assist Hook with Solid Ring for Jig Fishing

    Super Strong Assist Hook

    Rigged with our high quality and super strong Single Haulin Assist Hook mounted on a strong solid and split ring. You can put the pressure on a big fish with confidence... Hook up and hold on!