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Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

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High Quality Assist Hooks for Slow Jigs

Designed by and exclusively manufactured for Fish Nugz jigs!

Strong and reliable twin assist hooks for slow jigs and other metal fishing lures... for some serious fish haulin'! 

  • Super sharp wide gape hooks with superior hook-up rate
  • Tough kevlar assist cord knotted to the hook shank for strength
  • Assist cord whipped to the hook shank and secured with Xtra-Hard Resin
  • Super strong stainless solid ring for jig and mainline attachment
  • Finished with a flash of pink for extra attraction

Supplied as a pack of 2 twin assist hooks with various sizes available.

We recommend the following sizes:

60-80g Jigs = Size 1 Twin Haulin' Assists

80-100g Jigs = Size 1/0 Twin Haulin' Assists

100-150g Jigs = Size 2/0 Twin Haulin' Assists

150-200g Jigs = Size 3/0 Twin Haulin' Assists

200-300g+ Jigs = Size 4/0 Twin Haulin' Assists

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