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Fish Nugz WRECK RAT Slow Jig

Fish Nugz WRECK RAT Slow Jig

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Slow Jig for Wreck Fishing

The Wreck Rat Slow Jig is a superb option for fishing deepwater wrecks for big Bass, Pollack, Cod and Ling. Featuring a hi-shimmer holographic finish and glow-back design, the Wreck Rat will catch the attention of any fish lurking amongst the structure of a wreck. The slow tumbling action creates a longer hang-time on the fall, sending plenty of vibrations through the water to attract fish from afar and make lazier and often bigger fish commit to a strike.

Equipped with Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks, you can have confidence when you need to hit and hold as a fish dives for a snag. Perfect for the avid wreck angler looking for the ultimate catch.

Available in a range of enticing holographic colours. Each jig also has lumi-glow sections on the back, to be even more attractive when fished deep down. The Pink Wreck Rat is our certified Ling Nug!

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  • Wreck Rat Slow Jig Shimmer Finish

    Shimmering Holographic Finish

    Glistening flashes of colour radiate from the jig to catch the attention of any nearby fish!

  • Fish Nugz Wreck Rat Slow Jig Glow Lumi

    Luminous Glow

    Lumi patches on the back, with luminous flecks on the front, ensures the Wreck Rat stands out when fished in the dark depths!

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Strong and reliable twin assist hooks. Finished with a flash of pink for that extra touch of attraction!

  • A Cod fish caught using the Wreck Rat Slow Jig

    Wreck Cod

    A plump cod caught from an inshore wreck using the Wreck Rat in Bubblegum colour

  • A Pollack caught using the Fish Nugz Wreck Rat Slow Jig

    Wreck Rat Pollack for Sam

    Whilst drifting over a wreck during a shark fishing trip, Sam sent down the Wreck Rat jig and pulled up this beauty of a Pollack!