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Wild Seas

Fish Nugz THE OG Slow Jig

Fish Nugz THE OG Slow Jig

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Slow Jig for Deeper UK Waters & Tropical Locations

The OG. Noun. The Original Gangster. A term used to describe something that is the pinnacle of excellence. A classic. 

Fish Nugz The OG. Noun. The Original Big Fish Slayer. Catcher of all!

The OG is a proven fish catcher around the world, but also works well for fishing deeper UK reefs and wrecks. This jig gets down and dirty to the bite zone. With a sharp animation of the rod tip this jig will elevate and kick to the side, then fall with a corkscrewing flutter action.

The OG features one holographic coloured side and one luminescent glow side, which together sends off unique colour signals and vibrations to initiate a strike from any big predatory fish nearby. This jig has accounted for some of the biggest bluewater and reef beasts out there, so hold on tight when you get a hit!

The 150g and 200g size are rigged with Twin Haulin' Assists for handling hard fighting fish. These are medium power assists perfect for fishing in UK waters and catching moderate sized overseas fish.

The 260g and 320g size are rigged with HD Twin Haulin Assists for battling with the biggest of fish both home and overseas... Just lock down, hold on and enjoy the fight! 

Choose from 6 shimmering colours, each with a luminous-glow back for that extra touch of attraction when fishing deep dark waters. 

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  • Fish Nugz The OG Slow Jig Colour Options

    Splash of Colour

    Choose from 6 colours with a selection of natural baitfish colours including Sardine Queen, and more vibrant eye-catching options including Psycho and Chilli Pepper.

  • The OG Slow Jig - Luminous Glow in the Dark Fishing Jig

    Luminous Glow

    The back of The OG jigs are finished with a glow-in-the-dark paint to make it stand out when fished in deep and dark waters. For a bright glow simply charge up in strong sunlight or using a bright torch light.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Sharp and strong, the Twin Haulin Assists keep you connected to your catch. Finished with a flash of pink for extra attraction. 260g and 320g sizes are rigged with our HD Twin Haulin' Assists for handling even bigger fish overseas.

  • A ling caught on the Fish Nugz OG Slow Jig when wreck fishing

    Psycho Wreck Ling

    Liam tempted this Ling from a wreck using The OG jig in the super colourful Psycho colour. The 200g OG jig worked great when fishing a wreck in 220ft of water.

  • A Pollack caught using the Fish Nugz The OG Slow Jig

    Jigging for Pollack on a Wreck

    The OG slow jig in the Nightmare colour is Sam's favourite colour in the range. It also proved too irresistible for this Pollack! One of many caught during a days wreck fishing in Cornwall.

  • Phil holding a Pollack caught with a Fish Nugz The OG Slow Jig

    A fine Pollack on the Sardine Queen OG Jig

    Phil with a chunky Pollack taken on The OG slow jig in the Sardine Queen colour. This jig was worked over a wreck in 160ft of water.

  • A GT Giant Trevally caught ona. Fish Nugz OG Slow Jig in Madagascar

    Slow Pitch Jigging for GT's

    Simon smashed this awesome Giant Trevally (GT) on the Fish Nugz OG slow jig in Tropic colour whilst fishing at Mitsio in Madagascar. A solid fight that really tested the tackle and angler!

  • A Rusty Jobfish caught in Madagascar on the Fish Nugz OG Slow Jig

    Rusty Jobfish on the OG Slow Jig

    The Fish Nugz OG is a versatile fishing jig that catches a lot of different species. Whilst fishing in madagascar, this angler caught this cool-looking Rusty Jobfish whilst slow pitch jigging with the OG jig in Nightmare colour.

  • Albacore Tuna caught on a Fish Nugz OG Slow Jig in Madagascar

    Albacore Tuna Jigging in Madagascar

    Smaller Tuna are a sucker for hitting a jig. The Fish Nugz OG jig in Tropic colour proved deadly when fished in deep blue-waters off the coast of Madagascar for this angler who landed several tuna species including this stunning Albacore!

  • Marbled Coral Grouper caught on a Fish Nugz Slow Jig in Mitsio Madagascar

    Marbled Coral Grouper in Madagascar

    Madagascar is a hotspot for slow pitch jigging with numerous species possible, including this impressive Marbled Coral Grouper caught by Kieren off Mitsio. The fish nailed the Fish Nugz OG slow jig in Sardine Queen colour.