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Wild Seas

Fish Nugz SLAYER Slow Jig

Fish Nugz SLAYER Slow Jig

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Super Effective Slow Pitch Jig with Real Mackerel Design

A slow jig designed exclusively by the Wild Seas team! The Slayer Jig is the result of many years of fishing with slow jigs and our pursuit to design a highly effective and super versatile jig for both UK waters and overseas. The Slayer can be fished using slow pitch or speed jigging techniques making this the ultimate hybrid jig for your tackle box! 

A great choice for fishing over reefs and wrecks in the UK and proven to catch a huge range of species including Bass, Pollack, Cod, Coalfish, Ling and Wrasse. If you are heading overseas to tropical locations, the Slayer is a great fishing jig for targeting hard fighting GT’s, Tuna, Grouper, Jacks, Snapper and much, much more!

Real Mackerel Design

There aren't many fish in the ocean that won't eat a Mackerel! Our Filthy Mack colour features an ultra-realistic Mackerel design based on an actual Mackerel caught by us, and carefully replicated onto this incredible fishing jig! The super holographic finish, 3D eye and pearl 'colour-shift' shimmer belly is sure to catch the attention of any predatory fish... they just can’t resist the Slayer!

Versatile Action For Slow Pitch or Speed Jigging Styles

Work the Slayer with long pitches to produce a strong fluttering fall with erratic corkscrew action, mimicking a struggling and flailing baitfish. Mix it up with short sharp pitches which causes the Slayer to kick sharply to each side, triggering that primal predatory instinct to feed in even the laziest of fish. In the heavier sizes, the Slayer makes a fantastic Speed Jig for targeting fast hitting pelagics and hard fighting reef monsters in tropical locations. Work it fast and hard and get ready to hold on!

High Quality Assist Hooks

Equipped with our high quality Twin Haulin’ Assists, featuring strong wide gape hooks with a super sharp point. The tough kevlar assist cord is knotted, whipped and glued to the hook shank with Xtra-Hard resin for the ultimate strength, so you can battle hard fighting fish with confidence. The 200g Slayer is rigged with extra-large assists designed to handle big fish when fishing wrecks and deep waters!

Available in 80g, 100g, 120g, 150g and 200g size options to suit jigging in a range of depths and conditions. 

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  • Real Mackerel Fishing Jig - Fish Nugz Slayer by Wild Seas

    Real Mackerel Design

    There is not a lot in the ocean that won't eat a Joey Mackerel... thats why we have carefully and meticulously replicated the colour and markings of a real Mackerel (caught by the Wild Seas team in Cornwall) onto the Slayer Jig!

  • Fish Nugz Real Mackerel Fishing Jig - Slayer Slow Jig

    Real Belly Shimmer

    The underside of the Slayer Jig has a subtle colour-shift finish closely replicating the shimmering pearlescence found on the belly of a Mackerel. The fish just won't be able to resist hitting the Slayer!

  • Fish Nugz Mackerel Slow Jig - Slayer

    Versatile Jig Action

    Not too wide and not too slim. The shape of the Slayer Jig hits a sweet spot for being able to be worked effectively slow pitch style, but in the heavier sizes can also make a great choice for speed jigging overseas!

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin Assist Hooks - For Fishing Jigs

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    The Slayer Jig comes rigged with high quality super-sharp assist hooks. The strong assist cord is knotted, whipped to the hook shank and set with extra hard resin for the ultimate strength! Mounted on a stainless solid ring and finished with a flash of pink for extra attraction.

  • Pollack caught from a Wreck on the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig in Mackerel Colour

    Slow Jigged Wreck Pollack

    Liam nailed this lovely 11lb 10oz Pollack using the 120g Slayer Slow Jig in 200ft of water on a small tide. The Filthy Mack colour proves irresistible to any predatory fish hunting around a wreck!

  • A Cod caught slow pitch jig fishing using the Fish Nugz Slayer Jig

    Cod Love The Slayer Slow Jig

    Cod are a sucker for nailing a struggling baitfish, and the Slayer Slow Jig in Filthy Mack imitates a Joey Mackerel in distress. Kieren caught this Cod slow jigging with the Slayer jig along the edge of a reef.

  • A 5lb Ballan Wrasse caught slow jigging using the Fish Nugz Slayer Mackerel Jig

    Slayer Slow Jig Slams Big Wrasse!

    Liam with one of three 5lb Ballan Wrasse caught on one drift using the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig, whilst fishing reefs in North Cornwall. The Filthy Mack colour perfectly replicates the Joey Mackerel they often hunt.

  • A Ling caught on the Wild Seas Slayer Slow Jig

    Ling Love Mackerel

    Mackerel is a top bait for catching Ling, so it is no surpised they also love the Slayer Slow Jig in Filthy Mack colour! This fish hit the 200g Slayer fished over a wreck in 320ft of water.

  • Specimen Cuckoo Wrasse caught slow pitch jigging using the Wild Seas Slayer Jig

    Specimen Cuckoo Wrasse

    Sam caught this beautiful specimen Cuckoo Wrase weighing 1lb 12oz whilst using the Slayer Jig in Filthy Mack over a deep reef in 150ft of water. What a stunner!

  • Big Ballan Wrasse caught using the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig whilst boat fishing

    Slow Pitch Jigging for Big Wrasse

    The Slayer Slow Jig is an effective jig for catching hard fighting Ballan Wrasse. Liam caught this 5lb specimen whilst slow pitch jigging over an inshore reef in Cornwall.

  • A King mackerel caught using the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig in Mitsio Madagascar

    King Mackerel nails the Filthy Mack Jig!

    A stunning King Mackerel caught using the Slayer Jig by sports boat captain Sammy in Mitsio, Madagascar. The Slayer quickly became Sammys favourite slow jig after seeing it catch fish after fish!

  • Slow Jigging in Madagascar using the Fish Nugz Slayer Jig in Filthy Mackerel colour

    Slow Jigging in Madagascar

    Fishing in the tropics of Mitsio Madagascar, Kieren caught over 20 species using the Slayer Slow Jig including this impressive Green Jobfish alongside GT's and various species of Snapper.

  • GT Giant Trevally caught on the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig

    Jigging for GT's

    Kieren nailed numerous Giant Trevally using our Slayer Slow Jig whilst fishing in the tropical archipelago of Mitsio, Madagascar.

  • A Red Snapper caught on the Fish Nugz Slayer Slow Jig

    Red Snapper on the Filthy Mack

    Another colourful species from Madagascar, this African Red Snapper took a liking to the Fish Nugz Slayer Jig worked over a deepwater reef.