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Fish Nugz REEF WEDGE Slow Jig

Fish Nugz REEF WEDGE Slow Jig

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Slow Jig for Inshore Reef Fishing

The perfect jig to sling down on a reef and catch a whole host of species... Get nailed by Bass, Pollack, Coalfish, Cod, Wrasse, Ling and more with the Reef Wedge! The wide profile gives a slow fall action which looks just like an injured fish... an easy meal for any reef hunter. Jerk it near the bottom with short sharp flicks, or flutter it long-fall style through the water, and you will soon have the interest of a fish wanting an easy target. 

A great jig to use when a small bait profile is needed but still with sufficient weight to get down to the bite zone.

Equipped with Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks so you can lock up hard and turn a fish diving for the rocks. Available in a range of cool colours to suit a variety of species.

The Reef Wedge in Wrassabi is our certified Nug for BIG Ballan Wrasse!

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  • Holographic Slow Jig Finish - Fish Nugz Reef Wedge

    Shimmering Holograhic Finish

    A rainbow of colours shine from the Reef Wedge to draw the attention of any nearby fish.

  • Fish Nugz Reef Wedge Slow Jig on a fishing rod

    Compact Shape

    This small jig packs a big punch! A strong wobbling flutter and small size makes for a quick and easy snack for any predator.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Hook up and hang on! Strong and reliable assist hooks finished with a flash of pink.

  • A Cod caught kayak fishing using the Fish Nugz Reef Wedge Slow Jig

    Kayak Slow Jigging for Cod

    This Cod fell to a Fish Nugz Reef Wedge whilst fishing over a section of deep reef in Cornwall.

  • Pollack caught slow jigging with Fish Nugz Reef Wedge 100g jig

    Inshore Reef Pollack

    One of several Pollack caught on the 100g Reef Wedge jig whilst fishing an inshore reef in 70-120ft of water.