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Classic Slow Jig with Flail and Flutter Action

The ultimate Plop and Drop slow jig! With its teardrop shape, Poseidon's Kiss has a slower fall time which can gain interest of species patrolling the upper water columns on the descent and allowing predatory fish lurking below to plan their attack, so be ready to engage as soon as you hit the deck. Ancient rumour has it that Poseidon himself was attracted by this jig and kissed it for good luck!*

A quick flick and drop will create a frantic flailing action, just like a struggling baitfish. Even the laziest of predators will be triggered into a strike... Just get ready for the hit! This jig can also be worked on a longer lift and fall technique with a swishing motion as the jig falls back on a slack line.

This is a tried and tested slow jig for fishing tropical destinations for all sorts of species including, snappers, groupers, GT's, amberjacks and Pelagics such tunas and mackerels. This slow jig also works well for catching all sorts of fish in the UK including Bass, Pollack, Wrasse, Coalfish, Cod, Gurnards and more!

Equipped with Twin Haulin' Assists for a strong connection to your catch. You can go full bendoooo and haul up some mega fish with Poseidon's Kiss!

Available in 100g, 130g and 150g weights - Great for fishing reefs, rough ground and wrecks from around 60ft down to 150ft+ depending on the tidal flow. 

*The rumour is definitely not true, but in our experience these jigs do have great fish catching luck!

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  • Fish Nugz Poseidons Kiss Slow Jig Shimmer Finish

    Shimmering Holographic Finish

    Flashes of light shine from this jig as it flutters and falls. Any nearby fish is sure to spot the Poseidons Kiss jig!

  • Fish Nugz Poseidons Kiss Slow Jig Teardrop Shape

    Centre-Weighted Teardrop Design

    A classic shape for an erratic flutter with extended fall time. Poseidons Kiss sends out lots of vibrations through the water. An excellent slow jig for long fall techniques.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Strong and sharp assist hooks ensures you can do battle with hard fighting fish. Finished with a flash of pink for extra attraction!

  • A Bass caught on the Fish Nugz Poseidons Kiss Slow Jig

    Slow Jigged Bass

    This lovely Bass was teased from 80ft on the edge of a reef by Kieren fishing with the Poseidons Kiss 100g in Bubblegum colour

  • A Cod caught on the Fish Nugz Poseidons Kiss Slow Jig

    Death Head Cod

    The flash of silver and red head of the Poseidons Kiss Slow Jig in Death Head was the downfall of this Cod for Sam.