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Wild Seas

Fish Nugz HOLY FLAIL Jig

Fish Nugz HOLY FLAIL Jig

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Slow Jig for Deep Waters

Flippin' Floppin' and Flailin' with an exaggerated zig-zag motion on the fall, to entice interest from far and wide. The Holy Flail really does act like a fish on its last legs, and will switch on even the most lethargic of hunters into a strike. The Holy Flail sits somewhere between a slow jig and speed jig and can be effectively worked either way. It performs really well when the wind and tide picks up and you need a slow jig that will cut through the water and keep beneath your rod tip. Or just fish it fast and wait for the bend!!

Very effective in the UK for BIG Pollack and Coalfish when jig fishing on wrecks and reefs. Its slim profile cuts through the water making it easier to work in deep waters. Use overseas for Giant Trevally, Tuna, Snapper and more!

Equipped with strong Twin Haulin' Assists and available in a range of shimmering colour finishes. Each jig features luminous glow stripes on the back of the jig, making them stand out to predators in the depths. 

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  • Fish Nugz Holy Flail Holographic Flash Slow Jig

    Holographic Flash

    A striped holographic foil flashes as the jig flails through the water, sending irresistible signals through the water to nearby fish.

  • Fish Nugz Holy Flail Slow and Speed Jig for Fishing

    Slow or Fast

    The design of the Holy Flail allows it to be worked fast like a speed jig, or slow it down for a floppin' and flailin' slow jig action.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Sharp and strong hooks for a reliable connection to hard fighting fish. Finished with a flash of pink for added attraction.

  • Pollack Fish caught on the Holy Flail Slow Jig

    Slow Jigged Reef Pollack

    A deepwater reef proved a great place to work the Fish Nugz Holy Flail slow jig style, with Sam catching this fine Pollack

  • A Giant Trevally GT caught in Madagascar using the Fish Nugz Holy Flail Jig

    Giant Trevally on the Holy Flail Jig

    Kieren nailed this awesome Giant Trevally (GT) in Madagascar whilst jigging using the Fish Nugz Holy Fail in Sexy Sprat! He used our upgraded HD Twin Haulin Assist hooks on the jig to specifically target these hard fighting monsters.