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Fish Nugz HEAVY FLOW Slow Jig

Fish Nugz HEAVY FLOW Slow Jig

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Effective Slow Jig for UK Species

When the tide is running, and other slow jigs prove difficult to fish effectively, the Heavy Flow Slow Jig will get down and get you amongst the fish! With its compact shape and condensed weight profile, this slow jig will cut through the tide and allow you to keep the jig under your rod tip so you can fish more effectively for longer. The shimmering finish to the jig catches the light and reflects a rainbow of colours that will draw attention of any nearby fish. 

A proven catcher of Bass, Mackerel, Pollack, Coalfish, Cod, Wrasse, Gurnards, and more. This is a versatile fishing jig that will work on reefs, rough ground, shallower wrecks and clean ground too. 

Equipped with Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks, and available in a range of colours. 

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  • Holographic Shimmer Foil on Fish Nugz Slow Jig

    Holographic Shimmer Finish

    An array of colours flash from the Heavy Flow as it flutters and falls through the water, thanks to a holographic shimmer foil body.

  • Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig with a fishing rod and reel

    Compact Profile

    Not too long and not too wide. A bitesize snack for any predatory fish! The condensed weight profile means that the Heavy Flow works great when the tide starts to pick up.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Quality assists hooks for a reliable connection to your catch. Sharp points and strong hooks.

  • A Pollack caught on the Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Jig

    Candy Flash Pollack

    One of many, many Pollack that has fallen for the Heavy Flow Slow Jig. This jig works great in areas of faster tidal flow... right where the Pollack are often hunting!

  • Ling caught on a Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig

    Rough Ground Ling

    Liam caught this Ling using the 80g Heavy Flow Slow Jig whilst fishing over rough ground in 120ft of water.

  • Specimen Ballan Wrasse caught using a Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig

    Slow Jig Specimen Wrasse

    Jon used a Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig in Sexy Sprat to nail this stunning Ballan Wrasse on his first ever time of trying Slow Pitch Jigging! Another fantastic fish caught on Fish Nugz jigs!

  • A bass caught slow jigging using the Fish Nugz Heavy Flow

    Slow Pitch Jig Bass

    The Heavy Flow Slow Jig in Sexy Sprat closely mimics a silver baitfish and this proved deadly for this Bass. One of several caught on the day by Liam slow jigging from his kayak.

  • A Ballan Wrasse caught using a Fish Nugz Heavy Flow Slow Jig

    Big Ballan Wrasse

    This 5lb+ hard fighting Ballan Wrasse couldn't resist hitting the Heavy Flow Slow Jig in Sardine Queen colour. The fish was caught in 70ft of water over rough ground.