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Fish Nugz Single Haulin' Assist Hooks

Fish Nugz Single Haulin' Assist Hooks

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Strong Single Assist Hooks for Fishing Jigs

Super strong single assist hooks for use with speed jigs and other metal fishing lures. Excellent assist hooks for use when targeting Bluewater Pelagics where your gear will be put to the test with hard fighting fish! The extra strong forged eyed hook has a curved point hook that stays sharp after many fish. The tough assist cord is knotted around the hook shank for strength and security. The cord is whipped down to the hook shank with luminous thread for that extra touch of attraction on your fishing jig. 

Finished with a spliced eye for easy addition to your chosen jig eye or solid ring.

Supplied as a pack of 3 single assist hooks. Available in a range of sizes to suit a wide range of jig sizes.

Hook Size Overall Length Assist Cord Strength Hook Strength Suits Jig Size
5/0 65mm 150lb 100lb 80-100g
7/0 75mm 150lb 120lb 100-150g
9/0 75mm 200lb 140lb 150g-250g
11/0 85mm 200lb 170lb 250g-400g
13/0 95mm 200lb 200lb 250-400g+
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