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Fish Nugz FULL MAST Jig

Fish Nugz FULL MAST Jig

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Baitfish Imitation Jigs For All Predatory Saltwater Fish

Sandeel imitation jigs featuring classic baitfish colour finishes. Work em' fast and frantic as a speed jig when the fish are hard on the feed, or flick and flutter near the bottom when the fish are in a more lethargic state and not so switched onto hitting a fast moving target. This is a great tactic for initiating a hit from territorial bottom dwelling fish. The Full Mast can also be worked on a more traditional long-fall slow jig technique, which will impart a darting flutter action on the fall.

The lighter 60g and 80g are great for fishing over reefs and banks down to 100ft deep for Bass, Pollack, Cod, Wrasse and Coalfish. The heavier 100g and 130g can get down to deeper reefs, wrecks and banks for Big Pollack, Coalfish and Bass. Choose the 160g and 200g option for fishing offshore wrecks in depths of 200ft+.

The Full Mast jig also proves to be a great option for inshore and pelagic offshore fishing in the tropics too, where the baitfish pattern will provide irresistible to any blue-water predatory fish. The smaller sizes work great for fishing reefs for Snapper, Grouper and many other species. Choose the heavier sizes for speed jigging for Tuna, GT's, Bonito, King Mackerel, Amberjacks and more! 

Equipped with Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks. Available in 5 natural baitfish colours mimicking Mackerel, Sandeel, Sardine, Sprat and Anchovy.

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  • Fish Nugz Full Mast Jig - Baitfish Colours

    Realistic Baitfish Patterns

    The lively erratic action of this jig combined with a life-like baitfish colouration makes this a fantastic jig for a huge range of species.

  • Full Mast Fishing Jig - Slim Profile

    Slim Profile

    A thin profile allows the Full Mast to get down to the bite zone quickly. Great for cutting through the tide and can allow you to jig in faster flows, when other models are working less effectively.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Strong and sharp assist hooks rigged with quality assist cord and hardware. Ready to hook up and hold on to your next catch! Finished with a flash of pink for added attraction.

  • John Dory caught using a Fish Nugz Full Mast Jig

    John Dory caught on a Slow Jig!

    A Fish Nugz Full mast 130g in Mad Mack colour was too irresistible for this stunning John Dory. This fish was caught by working the jig in 200ft of water over a wreck.

  • Bass caught on the Fish Nugz Full Mast fishing jig

    Bass can't resist the Full Mast Jig!

    Find a shoal of Bass and the Full Mast will soon have your rod bending! Here is Sam with one of many Bass caught on the Full Mast jig.

  • Pollack caught on a Fish Nugz Full Mast Slow Jig

    Kayak Fishing for Pollack

    Liam with a fine Pollack caught from his kayak in Cornwall. Caught using the Fish Nugz Full Mast in the Angry Anchovy colour.

  • Pollack caught on the Fish Nugz Full Mast Mackerel Jig

    Full Mast on the Pollack!

    Sam haulin' a fine Pollack from an inshore reef on the Full Mast Jig in the Mad Mack colour.

  • A Ballan Wrasse caught using a Fish Nugz Full Mast Slow Jig

    Big Ballan Wrasse

    This 5lb Ballan Wrasse couldn't resist the Full Mast in the Angry Anchovy colour when jigged with short sharp pitches over rough ground.