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Fish Nugz BOTTOM TICKLER Kabura Jig

Fish Nugz BOTTOM TICKLER Kabura Jig

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Kabura Jig for Bottom Feeding Fish

A versatile fish-catching Kabura / Tai Rubber / Slide jig that can be fished on its own, or baited with strips of squid or fish. Very effective when used from a boat or kayak. Bounce it on the bottom whilst on the drift, or fish it whilst an anchor. The vibrant jig head with large eyes is sure to attract the attention of any bottom dweller. The skirt tentacles waft in the tide to tempt a bite, and a slow lift and drop approach will ensure the jig is spotted by any predator nearby. Wait for the nibbles to start and be ready for the hit!

Effective for a whole host of UK fish species including Bream, Wrasse, Rays, Triggerfish, Cod, Gurnards, Ling and more! Equipped with two strong 'Chinu' style hooks to haul up hard fighting fish.

Cuttle Red and Octopus Prime feature lumi glow stripes on the jig head for subtle attraction in darker waters. Nautilus Chrome features luminous glow stripes on the jig head plus a glow skirt for extra attraction. Pink Squid features a full lumi glow head and glow skirt for maximum dark and deepwater attraction. 

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  • Fish Nugz Bottom Tickler Kabura Jigs glowing in the dark

    Luminous Glow Kabura Jigs

    From the subtle glow stripes on Cuttle Red and Octopus Prime, to the added attraction of glowing skirts on Nautilus Chrome and Pink Squid. Bottom Tickler Kabura Jigs will attract fish in both clear daylight waters and dark, deep and murky waters alike.

  • Fish Nugz Bottom Tickler Kabura Jig Hooks

    Strong Chinu-style Hooks

    Equipped with strong and sharp Chinu / Octopus style hooks that will cope with hauling up decent sized fish. Perfect for hooking on a strip of squid or fish for added attraction!

  • Sam holding a Small Eyed Ray caught on a Fish Nugz Kabura Jig

    Small Eyed Ray

    Sam with a fine Small Eyed Ray, tempted on a baited Bottom Tickler Kabura in Pink Squid colour, when fished at anchor from a boat.

  • Kabura Rays

    A brace of Small Eyed Ray caught by anglers using the Fish Nugz Bottom Tickler Kabura Jigs baited with strips of Mackerel. A fun way to catch rays on light gear!