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Shore Casting Jig - Great for Bass!

The Boney Maloney is our favourite shore casting jig. At 40g you can flick this out off the rocks, into surf or off the pier and catch a whole host of fish species. This jig will catch Bass, Pollack, Mackerel, Coalfish, Garfish, Scad, Wrasse and much more! The Boney Maloney will swim on a straight retrieve with a side-to-side action, or flick the rod tip to bring the jig to life with an erratic darting action like a fleeing baitfish. This will entice all predatory fish, switching them on to hit the jig and get your rod bent! 

Available in a range of shimmering baitfish colours with glow skeleton finish, making the Boney Maloney a brilliant jig for day, night, dawn and dusk fishing.

Equipped with a quality inline single hook for a clean hook-up and easier unhooking, with less damage to the fish.

The Boney Maloney in Silver Sprat is our certified Bass Nug!

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  • Fish Nugz Boney Maloney Fishing Jig with Shimmer Foil

    Shimmer Holographic Finish

    Radiating an array of colours as the light strikes the jig, ready to catch the attention of any nearby fish! Perfect for casting into clear waters for an array of mid-water species.

  • Fish Nugz Boney Maloney - Glow in the Dark Fishing Jig

    Glow Bones

    A luminous glow-in-the-dark skeleton ensures the Boney Maloney stands out in low-light conditions. Perfect for fishing dawn, dusk and at night.

  • Strong In-Line Single Hook for the Fish Nugz Boney Maloney Fishing Jig

    Strong Inline Single Hook

    No trebles involved, for cleaner hook-ups, less damage to the fish and easier unhooking. This strong inline hook is sized to handle big Bass, Pollack and other hard fighting fish.