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Fish Nugz ABYSS Jig

Fish Nugz ABYSS Jig

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Deep Water Hybrid Slow-Speed Jig for Big Fish!

Get down and dirty in deep waters with the Fish Nugz Abyss Jig. The slim and heavy design gets you down to deepwater quickly where you can work this jig in classic speed jigging style, or pitch it slow-jigging style. The Abyss features one rounded side and one flatter profiled side, causing it to kick off into a sharp zig-zag and rocking flutter pattern on the fall. 

The Abyss jig is designed to target those deep dark waters where monsters lurk. This is a great fishing jig for the cold waters of Shetland, Norway and Sweden when targeting monster Cod, Coalfish, Ling and Halibut. Fish it over deeper UK wrecks for big Pollack, Ling and Cod. The Abyss also makes a fantastic speed jig for overseas when fishing deep drop-offs and ledges for big GT, Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, Jacks, Snapper and much more!

Available in a range of colours designed to suit different fishing environments. Choose the super shimmer holographic Sexy Sprat or Sardine Queen colours for fishing clear pelagic waters. Choose the luminous Pink Glow Job, Full Glow Job and Pink Drumstick for glow-in-the-dark attraction to make the jig stand out in those deep dark waters! 

Ready rigged with a super strong Single Haulin' assist and hardware for battles with the hardest fighting fish out there! Drop down, set the hook, lock up and hold on!

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  • Fish Nugz Abyss Glow In The Dark Jig

    Glow In The Dark Jig

    Luminous paint allows the Abyss to glow when fished down deep. Full Glow Job and Pink Glow Job feature a full glow, whereas Pink Drumstick and Sexy Sprat feature glow stripes on a holographic foil. Just charge up the jig for a few seconds under bright light for a dim glow or a UV torch for a super bright glow!

  • Fish Nugz Abyss Speed Jig Profile

    Hybrid Speed-Slow Action

    One side of the Abyss is rounder, the other side features a unique profiling with a wide flatter face that will cause the jig to kick and flutter when used with a hard pitch action. Alternatively work hard and fast in typical Speed Jig style!

  • Fish Nugz Single Haulin Assist Hook with Solid Ring for Jig Fishing

    Super Strong Assist Hook

    Rigged with our high quality and super strong Single Haulin Assist Hook mounted on a strong solid and split ring. You can put the pressure on a big fish with confidence... Hook up and hold on!

  • Amberjack on the Fish Nugz Abyss Jig

    Kieren nailed this lovely Amberjack whilst speed jigging in Madagascar using the Fish Nugz Abyss Jig. The Full Glow Job colour worked great for fishing the deep water drop offs and accounted for many species and fish!