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Fish Nugz CLAM SLAMMER Slow Jig

Fish Nugz CLAM SLAMMER Slow Jig

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Super Slow Fluttering Action Jig

A classic slow jig design. With its wide profile and classic centre weight design, the Clam Slammer Slow Jig has a strong fluttering action that flips and flails as it slowly falls through the water. This jig almost levitates in the water with its super slow action, and it is most effective when fished over slack water or in area's of little tidal flow.

Flashes of colour and erratic vibrations mimic a struggling baitfish that any predatory fish will find it hard to ignore! Work it long-fall style for maximum hang-time in the water to attract fish from far and wide. When things are slower, flick it short and sharp to dance the jig in front of fish laying low to the bottom. 

A proven jig for a huge array of UK species including Bass, Cod, Pollack, Wrasse, Ling and more. The Clam Slammer in Glow Job is one of our favourites when fishing for Cod and Ling over slack water! 

Equipped with strong and reliable Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks. Chuck down the Clam Slammer and get your rod bent!!

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  • Fish Nugz Glow in the Dark Slow Jigs - Clam Slammer

    Luminous Glow

    Luminous paint ensures the Clam Slammer glows when down deep. Glow Job features a full glow, whereas the other colours feature glow stripes. Just charge up for a few seconds under bright light for a dim glow or a UV torch for a bright glow!

  • Fish Nugz Clam Slammer Flutter Design Slow Jig

    Maximum Flutter

    A wide profile combined with centre weighting and an outer-edging fin, makes the Clam Slammer flutter strongly on the fall. This is a super slow fall jig for maximum hang-time in the strike zone!

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Strong and dependable twin assist hooks featuring quality assist cord and sharp points. Hook up and land a whopper!

  • Slow Pitch Jig caught Bass using the Fish Nugz Clam Slammer Lure

    Slow Pitch Jig Bass

    The shiny Sexy Sprat colour mimics a classic baitfish and combined with the slow flutter fall of the Clam Slammer jig, it makes for a deadly fishing jig for Bass!

  • Sam with a Coalfish caught using the Fish Nugz Clam Slammer Slow Jig

    Clam Slammer Jig Coalfish

    The Fish Nugz Clam Slammer in Bubblegum colour proved effective for catching this hard fighting Coalfish by Sam from an inshore reef in Cornwall

  • Cod caught using a Fish Nugz Clam Slammer slow jig

    Kayak caught Cod

    Liam with a plump Cod caught using a Fish Nugz Clam Slammer in the Glow Job colour.

  • A Cod caught using the Fish Nugz Clam Slammer slow pitch jig

    Slow Pitch Jigging for Cod

    The slow flutter action proves irresistible for this prime Cod, taken from an inshore reef using the Clam Slammer in Sexy Sprat.