Fishing Jigs For Sale

We sell a range of fishing jigs that are tried and tested to catch fish! Shop from a range of Slow Jigs, Speed Jigs, Kabura Jigs and Casting Jigs. Fishing jigs available for all styles of saltwater fishing including boat fishing, kayak fishing and shore fishing both for UK waters and tropical locations. Check out our range of fishing jigs by choosing a type of fishing jig below:
  • Fish Nugz The OG Slow Jig in Sardine Queen Colour

    Slow Jigs

    These jigs fall with an erratic fluttering action to tempt an instinctive bite from any predatory fish. Deadly lures that catch lots of fish!

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  •  Fish Nugz Full Mast Jig in Mad Mack Colour

    Speed Jigs

    Fish them fast and frantic for hard-hitting pelagic and reef fish. Superb for fishing abroad and for UK jig fishing in faster tides.

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  • Fish Nugz Boney Maloney Casting Jig - Sexy Sprat Colour

    Casting Jigs

    Great for fishing from the rocks or beach. These jigs cast far to reach fish in deeper water and beyond the breakers.

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  • Fish Nugz Bottom Tickler Kabura Jig - Octopus Prime Colour

    Kabura Jigs

    Fished on, or close to, the bottom to attract curious and hungry fish. Mimcs a small squid or octopus and can be fished baited.

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  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin Assist Hooks for Slow Jigs

    Assist Hooks

    A range of quality single and twin assist hooks for use with fishing jigs. Strong, sharp and reliable and can be added to any jig,

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  • Fish Nugz Neptunes Beard Kevlar Assist Cord

    Assist Cord

    Durable Assist Cord for use when making your own assist hooks, or when making stinger hooks for large lures.

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  • Fish Nugz Neptunes Split Rings for Jigs and Lures

    Split Rings

    Stainless split rings for fishing. Use to attach assist hooks to jigs, or hooks to hard lures.

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