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Fish Nugz RUFF DIVER Slow Jig

Fish Nugz RUFF DIVER Slow Jig

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Slow Jig for Inshore Reef and Rough Ground Fishing

These little Nugz are the perfect jig to use when the fish are feeding on small baitfish such as sandeels and pilchards. Bass love em' and so do a whole range of other species including Pollack, Coalfish and Wrasse. Their smaller profile makes them an easy snack for the most fish and you may be surprised what the Ruff Diver will catch you.

An excellent jig choice for fishing reefs and rough ground up to 100ft deep. Bounce around the edges of reefs to stand a chance of Cod, Gurnards and even the holy grail.... a John Dory! Drop them down and work with a flicking action to really turn on the fish and get that hit. Longer rod lifts will impart a rocking action as the jig falls back through the water and this will attract the attention of curious predators from further afield.

The Ruff Diver jig is great when used on lighter rods, and can be cast too. A brilliant fishing jig for inshore boat and kayak fishing. Rigged with Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks and available in a range of colours including the very tasty Green Sardine and Sardine Queen. 

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  • Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Slow Jig Shimmer Holographic Finish

    Holographic Shimmer Finish

    Shimmering flashes of colour and light shine from the Ruff Diver thanks to its holographic finish. Lumi Glow stripes can be found on Prawn Star and Sexy Sprat too!

  • Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Slow Jig with Centre-weighted design

    Centre-Weighted Design

    One flat side. One centre-weighted side. The Ruff Diver falls with a strong rocking action, just like a struggling baitfish.

  • Fish Nugz Twin Haulin' Assist Hooks

    Twin Haulin' Assists

    Hook up and hold on! Sharp and strong assist hooks to land you some serious fish! Finished with a flash of pink for that extra visual atrraction.

  • Big Pollack caught on a Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Slow Jig

    Big Inshore Pollack on the Ruff Diver Jig

    Kieren nailed this 12lb Pollack from an inshore reef using the Fish Nugz Ruff Diver 80g in the Sexy Sprat colour. A mega fight in shallow water!

  • Big Ballan Wrasse caught on Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Jig

    Big Ballan Wrasse on a Fish Nugz Slow Jig

    A fine Ballan Wrasse of 5lb 14oz for Phil, caught using a Fish Nugz Ruff Diver in the Sardine Queen colour

  • Shallow Reef Ballan Wrasse

    Sam with a nice Ballan Wrasse caught in 40ft of water on the Fish Nugz Ruff Diver jig in the Sardine Queen colour

  • A Pollack caught using the Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Slow Jig

    Shallow Water Pollack nails a Slow Jig

    A decent Pollack for Kieren caught on the Fish Nugz Ruff Diver Slow Jig in Sexy Sprat in 50ft of water